Complete Streets Workshops

In 2015 CDTC launched a free Complete Streets Workshop series to assist local governments in developing and implementing Complete Streets policies.  Interested communities are invited to apply for one of the three workshop types offered:

A) Complete Streets Basics

Target Audience: Communities who do not have a Complete Streets Policy, but are considering development of a policy.

Course Objectives:

  • Build a common understanding of Complete Streets and the many benefits
  • Examine several types of successful Complete Streets policies and best practices
  • Compare how Complete Streets designs use existing rights-of-way
  • Apply the Complete Streets tools and approaches to local examples

B) Complete Streets Policy Development

Target Audience: Communities who want to develop a Complete Streets Policy

Course Objective:

  • Examine current policies and practices
  • Consider policy types and elements of effective Complete Streets policies, citing examples from similar communities
  • Identify local Complete Streets goals and performance measures
  • Begin drafting a Complete Streets policy that meets local needs

C) Complete Streets Policy Implementation

Target Audience: Communities with an adopted Complete Streets Policy, who are struggling with implementation

Course Objectives:

  • Review current Complete Streets policies and processes guiding decision making, and assess their outcomes
  • Consider policy implementation strategies to strengthen and streamline current processes with examples from other jurisdictions with an emphasis on New York State examples.
  • Identify real and perceived barriers to Complete Streets implementation and discuss solutions
  • Consider best practice design guidance and flexibility, goal setting, and performance measures
  • Draft specific steps to implement Complete Streets

For more information on the Complete Streets workshop series and when the next round of applications are be accepted visit or email