National Dump the Pump Day

Thursday June 16th is National Dump the Pump Day and the Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA), joined by transit agencies from across the country, wants to encourage more people to ditch their cars, if only occasionally, and use transit and other alternatives like bicycling and walking to get around. The event’s slogan is Dump
the Pump. Save Money. Ride Transit. And with gas prices at or above $4/gallon, the possibilities of meaningful savings to commuters and daily travelers couldn’t be more real.

To celebrate the occasion, CDTA is offering a FREE all day transit pass (to be used anytime) to those who sign the dump-the-pump pledge. In addition, those who sign the pledge will be entered to win up to $100 worth of free non-expiring CDTA passes of their choice.

ALL CDTA buses feature front-end bike racks that each accommodate two bikes. So, even if you don’t have a transit stop within easy walking distance, why not try biking to the closest stop and completing your trip with the bus? Similarly, even if the bus doesn’t quite get you to the front door of your work place, try closing the gap by using your bike in conjunction with the bus!

Here’s a quick and easy guide to using CDTA’s bike racks.

So let’s “dump the pump,” not only to save money on gas, but also to save our cities and the environment and to foster healthier communities!

Did you Dump the Pump?

One response to “National Dump the Pump Day”

  1. Aaron says:

    I dumped the pump permanently about a year ago, just before moving to Albany. Although Albany is not the most bicyclist-friendly city, its public transit and walkable inner neighborhoods make ditching the car a real option. I can’t say how much I love NOT owning a car!

    Even though I’ve already essentially made my own pledge to live car-free, I had no qualms about making CDTA’s pledge and getting the free transit pass! 🙂

    While Albany still has a long way to go in terms of bikability, walkability, and livability, having a quality transit system like the one administered by CDTA is key in attracting new residents–often young, creative types–back to the city.

    My hat goes off to CDTA. Here’s to “dumping the pump!”

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