Advocacy Group Aims to Protect Young Cyclists’ Noggins

A group of Capital District parents, family members, medical professionals, and care givers are banding together to launch the BRAIN2 Project—that’s “Brain Squared Project”— or Bike Riders Avoiding Injuries to Noggins. The group aims to educate school-age children in the region about the dangers of head injuries and to get more children to wear a helmet when they ride a bike.

Organizers are staging a 64-mile ride to visit five local schools on June 8th, 2011. The philosophy behind the effort is simple: “Tell me, I forget; Show me, I remember; Involve me, I understand.” Advocates will not only be telling children about bicycle safety and the benefits of wearing a helmet, but will actively engage and involve them, as well.

And that’s not all. Members of the second grade class at each school visited will be receiving (and properly fitted with) FREE helmets! The goal is to not only get kids to ride safer, but for them to also carry that message into the home and influence their parents and siblings to wear a helmet when they ride.

More information about this wonderful local advocacy organization can be found at the group’s website

4 responses to “Advocacy Group Aims to Protect Young Cyclists’ Noggins”

  1. Great article will share with the committee and make a made out for our Town sponsored rides. Head protection is #1 and damage to this can not be fixed. Broken bones are bad but they can be repaired over time and one can get around. The loss of a young or old brain to a open or closed injury is sad and can lead to heart break.
    Thank you

  2. Jennifer Viggiani says:

    Great concept! How can we support this project to make sure every second grader gets to hear about the BRAIN project?

  3. Doug Haller says:

    I Think I saw the Brainiacs riding into schenectady this morning, around 730 am (Police Escort and everything) great job!

  4. David Gehrs says:

    Great stuff. We need more of this type of education. Cycling in the Capital District is taking off nicely.

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