Bikeable Buses: A Quick How to Guide

If you’re looking to integrate several travel modes to get around the Capital District, why not try combining biking with riding the bus?  All CDTA buses have bike racks, so all of CDTA’s bus routes offer the option to bus and bike.  Every bus holds up to 2 bikes (excluding tricycles and tandem bikes). If the rack is full, simply wait for the next bus to arrive.  If you’re unsure of how to load your bike, read below for an overview of how to use the bike racks located on the front of all CDTA buses (directions are posted on the racks as well).  Also, be sure to watch CDTA’s video on loading and unloading your bike.



  1. Have your bike ready to load before the bus comes.  This means removing water bottles, child carrier seats, and any other loose items that could fall off.
  2. Wait until the bus reaches a complete stop, then signal to the driver that you are going to load your bike.
  3. Always load your bike from the curb side.  Never stand in or near on-coming traffic.
  4. To lower the rack, squeeze the center handle and slowly lower the rack.
  5. Load your bike onto the rack in the space closest to the bus if the rack is empty.
  6. Lift your bike into the wheel well, making sure your front wheel is placed on the side labeled “Front Wheel”.
  7. Pull up and out on the support arm and hook it over the front wheel.



  1. Tell the driver you will be unloading your bike before you exit the bus.
  2. Raise the support arm up and off your front tire and then move the arm down and out of the way.
  3. Lift your bike out of the rack.
  4. If there is no other bike on the rack, fold it up.
  5. Move to the curb and wait for the bus to pull away before getting on your bike.


If you ever forget to retrieve your bike from the rack, call CDTA’s lost and found at: 518-482-8822

Also, check out CDTA’s map of stationary bike racks to find places where you can park your bike.

2 responses to “Bikeable Buses: A Quick How to Guide”

  1. One of the clearest and most concise videos on the use of bus/motor coach bike racks.

    The model is superb. Clear diction and shows how easy it is to use the bus bike racks.

    CDTA & the other public transit authorities should produce a video describing the process of using the baggage holds on suburban buses for the carriage bicycles. Many bicyclists as well as bus drivers do not know that the baggage holds can be used for carriage of bicycles when either a bus with such baggage holds does not have a bike rack or it is preferable to use the holds when a bus travels at Interstate highway speeds.

  2. Alex Dupuy says:

    The CDTA bike rack map is a useful resource – I didn’t know about that.

    Does anybody have any experience using the CDTA racks with an Xtracycle (long-tail) bike? I understand that the racks don’t work with tandems, but the Xtracycle forums claim that it can be done if you remove the front wheel (

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